F** Government promises resources in search for master sailor who fell overboard

Commodore Angus Topshee, commander of the Canadian Fleet Pacific, said Duane Earle of Winnipeg vanished Monday while the ship was west of San Francisco.

Earle was last seen aboard the ship at about 5 a.m. PT and the crew noticed he was missing several hours later when he did not turn up for a departmental meeting, Topshee said on Tuesday.

The ship was returning to Esquimalt, B.C., after being deployed to the Asia-Pacific region.

“When he was not located following the initial searches, a very detailed and thorough search of the entire ship was conducted,” Topshee said at a news conference.

“At the same time, Winnipeg was turned around and commenced a search back along its previous track, employing its embarked HC148 cyclone helicopter to assist.”

He added that a CP-140 Aurora aircraft from Comox, B.C., was in the area and joined in the search. More

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