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Garrett Foster Killed in Austin Texas Girlfriend name Sheila Foster

Garrett Foster Killed | AK-47 | Death in Austin / Texas

Shooting Dead: Garrett Foster, the Black Lives Matter supporter who was shot and killed tonight in Austin, TEXAS, was interviewed with his AK47. “People who oppose us are pussies and won’t do anything about it” Famous last words. Source: Uncle Sam’s Children @UncleSamsNation

he victim’s mother “said he had attended many peaceful protests with his fiancee Whitney Mitchell, a quadruple amputee. [She] said her son was pushing Mitchell‘s wheelchair moments before the shooting.”

Foster’s mother, Sheila, claims her son was pushing his fiancee in a wheelchair before the shooting. She says, “This gentleman got out of his car and started firing shots, and my son was shot three times.” Source: TMZ

Pretty sure Garrett Foster won’t be standing any longer and his girlfriend is a quad amputee so she definitely won’t be standing. Try again.

Yuge (non-kneeling) Jogger Mogger

the real animal is the person who decided to shoot into a crowd of protesters last night while driving through them like they were nothing but obstacles. my heart goes out to the family of garrett foster, i can’t even begin to imagine what they’re feeling right now.


AustinPD needs to consider that #GarrettFoster may have been targeted on purpose because of his comments about pussies in cars. Car waited to rush the crowd until just the right moment to encounter him and his wife.

Garrett Foster fiancee Whitney Mitchell

Garrett Foster was murdered in downtown Austin, Texas, a few hours ago, while pushing his wife, Whitney, a quadriplegic,…

Posted by Garrett Alonzo Mills Sr. on Sunday, July 26, 2020

The death of Garrett Foster is really making it abundantly transparent that the only gun rights these bigots care about are their own.


Funeral Service Naya Rivera / INFO

Roger Stone – White House Trump

Shot in the foot / Megan Thee Stallion INFO

“He had attended many peaceful protests w/ his fiancee Whitney Mitchell, a quadruple amputee. Sheila Foster said her son was pushing Mitchell’s wheelchair moments before the shooting […] ‘This gentleman got out of his car & started firing shots'”.

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