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Vanessa Guillen Remains found in shallow grave by Leon River

Body found! Vanessa Guillen where is she from?

Vanessa Guillen Body found

UPDATE: Army investigators positively identify remains as Vanessa Guillen, family says

The poor family. They need to find out what happened. This is disgraceful that this could happen on a US military base to a US soldier serving their country.


A body has been found in a shallow grave by the Leon River in Texas, in connection with the disappearance of missing Fort Hood soldier, Vanessa Guillen, a source has told CrimeOnline. Source:

Vanessa Guillen where is she from

Disappearance of Vanessa Guillen

Vanessa Guillen
Born30 September 1999 Houston, Texas
Disappeared22 April 2020 (aged 20) Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas, United States
StatusMissing for 2 months and 7 days
did they find vanessa guillen body

Vanessa Guillen Remains found in shallow

The military has always had a serious sexual assault problem that they have thrown powerpoint slides at. To be frank, from my own personal experience in the Marines, service does often attract a type.

Which is not to say that all men in the military are predators, far from it. But it’s much like the current police issue- surely not all, or even a high percentage of police are pieces of shit, but it does attract a type. Same with catholic priests. I’m not sorry if this offends anyone. It’s just a fact. I mean, hey, some people become teachers to molest schoolchildren, but the profession itself is noble. Some jobs just attract predators.

We need to do a better job of weeding them out, even if I don’t have knowledge on how to go about that.

In this case however, I have not found anything objectionable the command did. They started looking after she was missing, and her mother said she was afraid to report the sexual harassment she was receiving. Her command may not have known. I don’t see anything (so far) that indicates they were made aware until after she went missing.

Call me an asshole if you must, but as a parent her mother bears some portion of the blame. She was told three weeks beforehand and did not report it because she didn’t know the sergeant’s name and her daughter asked her not to say anything? Well fuck that sideways. If my daughter tells me that she’s being sexually harassed and is afraid I’m on the horn with her command 30 seconds after she hangs up.

Is there some evidence I have not read that her command was aware?


Vanessa Guillen’s case gets me so upset. How tf does a young girl, not even 21 yet, sign up to protect a country that couldn’t protect her? It’s bs that her mother & family need to go through something so tragic

Nancy Cruz 

My mom stays watching this future teller but she’s very accurate its scary… She mentioned the body of Vanessa Guillen was going to be found buried in the sand.

Aye Aye ron 

This is happening near me. I’ve been keeping up with the story and I completely agree. The command of Fort Hood must be relieved, interrogated, and arrested. This wasn’t an accident. Their actions before she went missing just proves that they are garbage human beings.

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