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Foogiano Shooting

Foogiano Shooting | BIO | IG and Real Name

Foogiano Shooting: at a #southcarolina club where #guccimane artist #foogiano was at and someone allegedly tried to take his chain and that caused a shooting and 12 people were shot VIDEO

Idgaf how much Foogiano’s chain cost, why not FIGHT the person tryna snatch it instead of shooting in a crowd? Niggas are pussies.


Gucci Mane’s new 1017 artist #Foogiano offers his condolences to the woman who was killed after a shooting incident at his show on Saturday 4th + Clarifies that he was not the shooter

Who’s Making Noise

Foogiano could’ve kept that weak ass so called apology. Just didn’t seem sincere or showed any sympathy to me. I feel like all he wanna wanted to do was clear his name and say he didn’t do it.

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BIO IG and Real Name

Foogiano Shooting VIDEO

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