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Five surfers died in the sea near Scheveningen Netherlands

Five surfers died in the sea near Scheveningen Netherlands

Five surfers died off the coast of Scheveningen Netherlands. Four bodies have now been recovered. A fifth body has been located by the emergency services, but could not yet be taken from the sea.

The loss of Joost, Sander, Pim, Mathijs and Max is still not understandable.

This morning two bodies of surfers were already taken from the water at Scheveningen, just like last night. They were part of a group of boaters who got into trouble at sea. A large search was launched by the coastguard, police, fire brigade and KNRM, which was stopped late last night because it was getting too dark.

Netherlands: Two bodies were found in quick succession this morning

Early this morning the search was resumed. It is still unclear how many surfers the group consisted of. “The police investigated last night how many people are missing, but there is no clarity yet,” said a spokesman for the Haaglanden Security Region. 

Salvage action

The chances of survivors were already considered very small by the rescue workers. The Coast Guard therefore spoke of a salvage action instead of a rescue action this morning.

Surf scene caught on

People from the Scheveningen surf scene reacted defeated. The surfers were experienced and should be totally surprised by the circumstances. No one has seen the danger from the foam. “These weren’t cake-makers,” said a clearly excited surfer.

Among the victims would be two surf school instructors. People have laid flowers at surf club The Shore. The victims are said to be both men and women.

sander dikken gezond aan zee
gezond aan zee
  1. Mathijs van Dulst
  2. Sander Dikken
  3. Joost Bakker
  4. Pim Wuite
  5. Max Verheijen

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