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Elon Musk You have my full support Kanye West running for President 2020

Elon Musk “You have my full support!” Kanye West running for President 2020

@Ellasperson: Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian Endorse Kanye West Running For President The crazy brigade. Why would he do this? Only to help the squatter. He is NOT running against his bud, he is running for him.

@FabriceLor: Including when Kanye West says he wants to abolish the 13th amendement that makes slavery illegal? You fully support that as well? #racist #trumpsupporters

FeelingMarch: He’s not gonna be on the ballot in most states, even if he’s serious.

You’re right. When you donate more money than Warren Buffet, or have a better foundation than Gate’s one (or any other Billionaires use to support those causes you’re implying) you can start virtue signaling and pointing fingers.


Noman@itnor1: But Black people already registering support for Biden aren’t going to vote for Kanye and effectively Trump. They’re not dumb. They’re fine w Biden. Lots of young Black voters are undecided. Some number might consider Kanye. Those are voters that Trump needs to vote for him.