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Pregnant woman killed by dogs

Elisa Pilarski: Pregnant woman killed by dogs

It is the companion of Elisa Pilarski who discovered the horror scene in which the pregnant young woman lost her life, attacked by several dogs. Very affected, he returned to this macabre discovery on BFMTV.

[Updated November 20 at 3:43 pm] The body of Elisa Pilarski was found dead in the forest of Retz, Saint-Pierre Aigle, this Saturday, November 16th. It was the companion of the young pregnant woman who made this macabre discovery, rushed to help her after she called him to the rescue. On the phone, her companion, scared, had evoked threatening dogs: “I’m afraid, come quickly! There are plenty of dogs barking around.” Six-month-old Elisa Pilarski, 26, had gone a bit earlier with her own dog Curtis.

An autopsy of the pregnant woman’s body was performed. According to the statement of the public prosecutor of Soissons, she died of a haemorrhage due to “several dog bites to the upper and lower limbs and to the head, some bites being ante mortem and other post mortem”. The death would have occurred between 13h and 13h30, according to the results of the autopsy, the companion of Elisa Pilarski would have arrived on the spot a little before 15h. An investigation was opened for manslaughter, entrusted to the research section of the gendarmerie of Amiens.

The testimony of Elisa Pilarski’s companion

With BFMTV , the young man on the verge of tears told his discovery of the horror scene. The quavering voice, he testifies: “I looked for her, I saw her 4×4, I crossed dogs and a rider .. I called Curtis and it’s there that [he] m ‘ warned me by barking When I go to look in the precipice, I see about thirty dogs arrive on me so I move away (…) I decided to go down to the precipice to get [Curtis]. When I came closer, I realized that it was not a tree trunk but the belly of my wife who was exposed because she was undressed entirely (…) She was devoured everywhere. took Curtis in the car and I went to see neighbors who called the police. “

Analyzes were carried out on 93 dogs, including the victim’s American staff and his other dogs, as well as those of the hunters present at the time of the events, for a hunt called “the Rally of the Passion”, in the neighboring village of Morsain. A genetic expertise and a comparison of the samples should allow to find the animal (s) responsible for the attack of the young pregnant woman.

Controversy over hunters

The circumstances of the death of Elisa Pilarski have revived controversies about hunting, a hobby for the least controversial. Part of the public has blamed the hunters, while it is still unclear which dogs killed the young pregnant woman, as well as the names of their owners. The Society of Wildlife issued a statement to respond to these suspicions, recalling that “there is no evidence of the involvement of hunting dogs in the death of this woman”. The society, which frames the hunt practices, also made it clear that “these dogs are trained to hunt a particular animal and obey the man in all circumstances.”

After leaving work in a rush, Elisa Pilarski’s companion went to the scene as quickly as possible. During his trip, he tried to phone him dozens of times without her picking up. From the Union, the young woman’s uncle explained that her husband had followed the screams of Elisa Pilarski’s dog, wounded and curled up on her mistress’s body, to find her. It is unclear for the moment whether the dog participated in the attack of his mistress, or if he was wounded while trying to defend it. According to comments posted on the account of the young woman, his dog Curtis would have been euthanized. Elisa Pilarski obviously had a passion for animals and especially for her dogs.

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