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Elijah Mclain

Elijah MClain Shoking body cam Video: death of McClain – Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt & Randy Roedema

The police who killed elijah mclain said their body cams “fell off” during the act


So not much is being said about the murder of Elijah McLain that happened in Aurora Colorado on 6/21/2020 We keep demanding justice yet witness very little to none, maybe its time to actively seek retribution and target the bad guys who hide and are protected behind a badge!!!

What happened to ElijahMcClain is a nightmarish reality too many white Americans are just waking up to. We can and must do better. If you haven’t already, please familiarize yourself with his story and take action. #SayTheirNames#BlackLivesMatter…

John Gavin Harp

APD released photos of 3 officers Kyle Dittrich, Erica Marrero and Jaron Jones, mimicking the carotid hold that was used on Elijah McClain. These were taken at his memorial site. Absolutely disgusted but not surprised by the lack of remorse and disregard for a black mans life.


Elijah Mcclain

Police brutality is so angering but this made me actually cry. I swear to god the sick people who do this actually deserve nothing in life.


Disgusted to My Core’: Interim Police Chief Fires Police Officers Who Mocked Elijah McClain Death. 1. Jason Rosenblatt: FIRED 2. Kyle Dittrich: FIRED 3. Erica Marrero: FIRED 4. Jaron Jones: RESIGNED

Shomari Stone
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Eric Pearson

The murder of Elijah McClain is both sad and infuriating to be sure. However, if you want to have credibility in reporting news in the eyes of your readers, you might want to proofread before you publish. Spelling errors, Elijah’s first and last name not capitalized – not very professional, and things like this could bring your reliability into question. Just a word of advice from another writer.