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Dustin Gold Yells N-Word in Brooklyn

Por*star: “Dustin Gold” Yells N-Word in Brooklyn

Dustin Gold Real Name >> Justin O’Brian: This racist should be arrested for assault and publicly shamed for using hateful language. His name is Justin O’Brien and is a porn performer who goes by the name “Dustin Gold.” source: @stanwilliams

Check out this video from Brooklyn … the racist gets out of his car and screams at a person to get out of the middle of the street, then unloads with the n-word.

He then realizes a guy walking by is recording the incident, and he seems surprised and pissed off, and then launches into a homophobic tirade followed by a full-on physical assault. The racist steals the man’s phone and slams it on the ground.

Source: TMZ

* Opens Twitter machine. * Sees a young guy trending for racist tirade was instantly identified as a gay porn actor (allegedly Dustin Gold). * Goes to sit in a patch of daisies (properly masked, etc.)


Do you know under what name? Their “cast” (Staff) page doesn’t list a Justin O’Brian but this kid looks like he changes names every so often.

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