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Donald Trump shows up on Twitter as Rocky Balboa

Donald Trump shows up on Twitter as Rocky Balboa

Donald Trump sees himself as a champ. Not surprisingly, people around the world are still surprised at what the US president is saying on Twitter . On Wednesday it was the edited image of a boxer: the body of the young Sylvester Stallone , about ” Rocky 3 “, the head: Donald Trump.

The photomontage had an effect on the approximately 67 million Twitter users who follow Trump in the short message service, as exhilarating as disturbing. While many Americans suffer from foreign shame when they see their president publicly announce, many Trump fans like this behavior. The tweet, which wordlessly presents only the image, had more than 115,000 likes and 38,000 retweets after just one hour, plus thousands of comments.

Donald Trump is under pressure for impeachment investigations

A few weeks ago, the New York Times had analyzed Trump’s Twitter behavior in detail in just under three years since he took office, stating that half of the president’s more than 11,000 tweets are attacks – on political opponents, media, their reports and Comments Trump disliked and others who criticize him.