Donald Trump Baltimore visit

Donald Trump Baltimore visit

Residents of the US city of Baltimore, Maryland, before the visit of US President Donald Trump, took to the air a giant balloon that depicts it in the form of a rat, CBS News broadcasts.

Earlier, the President of the United States repeatedly criticized Congressman Democrat from Maryland Elijah Cummings, who is responsible in the House of Representatives for numerous investigations against the president and his family.

Trump claimed that Cummings did not care about his county in Baltimore, which is “infected with crime and rats.” Many Democrats said Trump’s remarks border on racism, since Cummings himself, like most of his voters, belong to the African-American minority.

According to the channel, the ball was lifted over President Street with the sticker “Fight Fascism, Stop Trump.” According to the protesters, the goal is to show Trump how his words and actions affect ordinary people. The rat is dressed in a suit with a red tie and lipstick, describes the channel. In her right paw, she holds a small phone.

In addition, there appeared a sign with a proposal to rename the street in “President Barack Obama Avenue” in honor of the former US president.

This is Trump’s first visit to Baltimore as president, recalls the channel. Before his arrival in the city, where he was to speak to his supporters and congressional Republicans, numerous protests took place.

This is not the first time that Trump meets his inflatable copy. In early June, protests were held in London in connection with the visit of Trump to the UK. Activists launched a six-meter balloon in the shape of a diaper-dressed Trump baby with a mobile phone in his hand on a parliamentary square in the center of the British capital. Exactly the same ball, only smaller, took off a year ago – during the working visit of the US president to Britain.