Did Pete Buttigieg drop out of the presidential race

Did Pete Buttigieg drop out of the presidential race

Comments Twitter: I see Biden feeling the need to have diversity in the Veepstakes apart from LGBT. Not sure exactly who, but I have a few ideas. Namely, a fellow candidate who didn’t go out of their way to run down Joe early on.

@PeteButtigieg was my first choice for the Democratic nomination, but that he was able to put the country first again means that he is a hero and patriot and, if we’re lucky, will be able to serve us as a country in the future. As always, #MayorPete, thank you for your service.

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What a ride! Pete’s suspension of his campaign to put this country over his ambitions proves I backed the right candidate! You have changed me @PeteButtigieg and for that I am forever grateful! Whenever/whatever the next adventure I will be your biggest supporter! #Buttigieg

I think we should remember the success of the first openly gay candidate to run for president. You may not think it’s a big deal, but it truly was historic. Thank you, @PeteButtigieg