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Diaz Love: Two protesters were mowed down by a car in Seattle, driver under arrest

Seattle Protesters Diaz Love hit by car: This is the vehicle that ran over 2 peacefull protesters on mother bound I-5. White jaguar, Washington plates BPA6961 Name: Dawit Kelete


Video of me chasing the driver of the hit and run on i5south tonight. Shortly after the video ends I was able to box him in until PD arrived. This was not an accident. Officers telling me he had to come wrong way on an offramp to even make it onto i-5. #seattleprotests


You have no right to detain that driver. Just follow them and inform the police. You should be charged, too. Tampering with evidence, ect. #seattleprotest

#watch Black Femme March takes I-5 #chop#seattleprotest

Diaz Love was live.

Words from Capt. Meade “What happened this morning is a tragedy. What’s occuring out here is unlawful behavior. It is illegal to block an insterstate. This has occurred for 19 days in-a-row & it needs to end. What I don’t want to see is another tragedy happen.” #seattleprotests

Katie Daviscourt

They should not be on the freeway! You can’t see well at night and people speed at about 70-80. That is the norm. So people popping out of no where is dangerous!!! Stupid!!!

Replying to @KatieDaviscourt

#watch Black Femme March takes I-5 #chop #seattleprotest

Posted by Diaz Love on Friday, July 3, 2020

What happened to Diaz Love is absolutely terrible and the driver deserves to be prosecuted to the full extent deemed necessary. It should be said though, when you block the freeway you’re going to piss people off and unfortunately stuff like this has a higher propensity to happen

Sahil Piyarali

“Right Wing Extremist”?? I suggest you google the driver’s name before they remove all his posts then remove or edit your tweet! The driver was “Dawit Kelete


The #DawitKelete strike video is being deleted from Twitter but you can see another angle here.

Driving while black has a whole new meaning now. The irony of ramming #BlackLivesMatter and Antifa protesters on I-5.

#seattleprotest#dawitkelete SAY HIS NAME! Defund the Police and Jails to free this black man just trying to drive.

Dawit Kelete
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Tom Ferraro

Wow. Too bad. So, how’s the weather?


It was dark out. Maybe he didn’t see or expect people to be on the roadway.

Adolf Jizzler

Geez, I sure hope the car is ok.