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Shocking Pics Diana Lasu and Olivia Muranga – Parklands Christian College COVID-19

The two teenagers Olivia Winnie Muranga and Diana Lasu who triggered Queensland’s first community transmission of coronavirus in more than a month have been identified.

Olivia and Diana. If anyone dies, it’s blood on their hands.

Coronavirus Queensland: Teens who allegedly failed to quarantine identified

19 year old covid qld Social media be scary but these are the two girls who falsified their border declaration and have no potentially spread covid in Queensland! Olivia Winnie Muranga on the left and Diana Lasu on the right, if you have been in contact get tested !

Coronavirus Queensland Two women test positive to coronavirus in Queensland

Parklands Christian College COVID-19

Ms Muranga, 19, is a cleaner at Parklands Christian College in Park Ridge, west of Brisbane, and did not self-isolate on her return to Logan, instead working three days at the private school before being later diagnosed with the virus. The school issued a warning to staff and students on Wednesday.

Pretty sure when Diana Lasu was born it’s name was Daniel.


Two teenagers at the centre of Queensland’s coronavirus outbreak who travelled to Brisbane from Melbourne have been identified. 

Olivia Winnie Muranga and Diana Lasu, both 19, arrived together in Brisbane from Melbourne via Sydney on July 21.

They were active in the community for eight days before both tested positive to COVID-19. 

Two teenagers at the centre of Queensland’s coronavirus outbreak have been identified as cleaners who travelled to…

Posted by Sound Health and Lasting Wealth on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Ms Muranga is a cleaner at Parklands Christian College in Park Ridge. 

The school’s principal Gary Cully confirmed a coronavirus infected cleaner worked for three days last week.

Ms Muranga works as a cleaner at Parklands Christian College in Park Ridge (pictured), which is functioning as a coronavirus testing facility

Olivia Winnie Muranga & Diana Lasu. The two grubs who selfishly lied & brought the #coronavirus into Queensland. They are also allegedly under investigation for robbery & other crimes. News media not showing their faces because of their skin colour. #AllLivesMatter #covid19

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