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Luigi Colani dies

Designer Luigi Colani died

Born in Berlin, he designed legendary cars, cameras and home furnishings. In Japan and China, his designs enjoyed cult status. He was 91 years old.

The designer Luigi Colani is dead. He died on Monday at the age of 91 in Karlsruhe from a serious illness, said his partner Yazhen Zhao. Colani enjoyed cult status for his futuristic designs, especially in Japan and China.

Colani was born August 2, 1928 in Berlin. After school, he initially studied sculpture and painting at the Berlin Art Academy. Later in Paris, he worked at the University of Sorbonne aerodynamics and philosophy.

Colanis trademark was the round swing, the organic form. “My world is round,” he said before his 90th birthday last year in Karlsruhe, where he retired. The universal designer designed cars and racing cars as well as furniture, dishes, glasses, cameras, televisions and clothing. The blue uniforms of the Hamburg police are also from his pen.

At the age of 91: designer Luigi Colani died

In the course of his life he worked in Japan or China, except in Germany, Italy, Mexico, the USA or Russia. He celebrated huge successes such as the legendary Canon T90, which decisively shaped the design of the brand. In the 70s and 80s, he earned a lot of money and was one of the first designers who marketed his products under his name – with the unmistakably wavy curved lettering “Colani”.

He designed chairs and tables for renowned furniture manufacturers. Many of his own designs remained as a sketch in the drawer, never became more than a prototype. Many of his monster projects have never been implemented. And a Colani museum, which he would have loved to have, was never built. He, the model for many generations of design students, had by their own admission no role models. “I do not admire anyone.” What he may be pleased with: At the end of his life, he was increasingly honored as the one he had always been – a visionary.

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