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Demi Lovato nude: Snapchat hacked – nude photos leaked!

Shock for Demi Lovato. Your Snapcat account has been hacked. Suddenly to see: A link that points to an alleged nude photos of the US singer. The took the attack, however, surprisingly calm.

Shock for Demi Lovato . Your Snapcat account has been hacked. The fans were suddenly shown a link on which you can see allegedly nude photos of singer Demi Lovato. A short time later even a nude photo was uploaded directly and also provided with the link which shows more pics of a woman who lolls sexy on the bed and posing naked at the mirror. She looks very similar to Demi Lovato and wears the same tattoos. Are the pictures so real?

Are the nude photos of Demi Lovato real?

It would not be the first time that Demi Lovato is hacked. Already three years ago Nude-Pics of the singer appeared!

Her former boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama was also hacked and nude photos by Demi Lovato were also spread from his cell phone. So far Demi Lovato has not commented. She has other worries because just a week ago her close friend Thomas died of an overdose. Demi mourned Instagram after tattooing her initial letter. “A T for Tommy. Rest in peace you special angel. I will always love you! “ Already read? Demi Lovato becomes Netflix Star!

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