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David Anthony Ware!!! a police sergeant “Craig Johnson” who was shot during a traffic stop Aurash Zarkeshan

David Anthony Ware: We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of @TulsaPolice Sgt. Craig Johnson this afternoon. We also pray for Officer Aurash Zarkeshan who is still fighting for his life. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends – John 15:13 Source: FoldsofHonor

Who is David Anthony Ware accused of shooting two Tulsa police officers? David Anthony Ware. 1 of 2 Oklahoma officers shot during traffic stop dies

The blood of these two officers is on the hands of one person and one person only: David Ware. @RepMullin, stop using the tragic death of one of our beloved officers to further your own crooked political agenda. Your comments are not needed.

Taylor Newcomb

One of our @CitizensEdmond family members, Officer Aurash Zarkeshan, was shot last night. Aurash dreamed of serving as a police officer & we were thrilled when he joined @TulsaPolice. Please lift him & his supervisor up in your prayers.

Jill Castilla

Evil Condolences to Police Officer Family & Colleagues. for full recovery of Police Officer shot also in the head! Tulsa Police Sergeant, One of Two Officers Shot During Traffic Stop, Dies

Joyeta E.Anderson

Oklahoma police officer dies after traffic stop shooting—A Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer has died and another is in critical condition after they were shot during a traffic stop early Monday, police said. A suspect has been arrested.

Pam Ingle #VoteBlue

It is with heavy heart that we are announcing a change in the condition of Tulsa Police Sergeant Craig Johnson. On June 29th, 2020 Craig sustained multiple gunshot wounds, one of which was a critical wound to his head. After undergoing surgery, Craig’s prognosis..

Tulsa Police

David Ware 2006 2nd degree burglary 2008 Second Degree burglary 2017 Drug and burglary charges Hey Mr. Mullin, looks like he was very used to doing bad things. Weird people of color do hard time for way less. Get a life bro. How does he walk the streets in your state? Stillgetbuckets @Buckets2k19·Replying to @RepMullin

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SmackmYackm: Who’s betting this idiot is a flat earth sovereign citizen?

OkSlim60: Well he was chasing glory according to his chest tattoo. You think he thinks he made it? I haven’t heard anymore about the two cops . They were both in critical condition last I heard this morning

SmoochySnooch: I mean… I appreciate your anarchist nature. Kill your masters and all that. But also… in the mean time, for now, it sort of is about black and white. There can be more than one thing. It’s not about one thing. And one of the big things we need to acknowledge and change is black people being treated differently than white people. When a young black man walking down the road is viciously murdered by the people charged with protecting the public and a white cop shooter is brought in unscathed to see his day in court, it’s about black and white.

Also yeah, poor people being treated differently than rich people. One doesn’t negate the other and both are part of a systemic issue but ignoring one in favor of the other does no justice for either. Right now, the best we can do is support the cause at hand. It’s a process. It’s about a lot of things. This is one we can all get behind to show we’re united in the pursuit of equality.

I know this guy from similar friend group 2006-2012. He’s a scumbag loser through and through.

TaintPartyUSA: Union class of 09’ here. The accomplice was someone who tried to hang around my HS friend group all the time. We were “bad” kids, but we kicked that guy out of our circle more than once for being just absolute trash. Truly insufferable human being with nothing to offer society. I always hoped he would just OD before ever hurting anyone. This entire situation is so fucked.

TaintPartyUSA: Oh okay. Yeah David was a few years older than me but I’m sure I’ve seen him around. I hung with a lot of the drug kids back in the day but we were more in to psychedelics. My most vivid memory of Matt Hall was this time he popped a handful of E pills and then zipped his hoodie all the way up (the kind that zipped the hood closed and had sort of bug eyes you could see out of) and was just sweating and shaking. It was seriously disturbing, and we are not faint of heart people. We kicked him out that night because he seemed to have a death wish and we wanted nothing to do with it. Never saw him past HS, but I do know he never got better and became a straight up junkie shortly after.