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Damian Lamar Daniels

Damian Lamar Daniels | Sergeant

Police killed veteran Sgt. Damian Lamar Daniels. Where’s all the people who got mad for “disrespecting the flag and anthem”? Where are all the “all lives matter” people? Where are the lame “blue lives matter” people? I’m sick of this country man! @natoleerenee

August 27, 2020, a Bexar County Sheriff deputy in San Antonio, TX killed Sergeant Damian Lamar Daniels in front of his home after his family asked the Red Cross to get him to the VA. He was suffering paranoid illusions and his only family was attending a funeral in

killed Sergeant Damian Daniels in front of his home. His family asked the Red Cross to get him to the VA. He had a legal gun on his hip that he never removed. He didn’t want to go and he struggled when they tried to force him. So they killed him.

Protesters in San Antonio were planning to demonstrate again after former combat veteran Damian Lamar Daniels, 31, was fatally shot by deputies during a mental health call

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