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Criminal Record Gaige Grosskreutz | Gun!

This is BS. Gaige Grosskreutz has a criminal record a mile long. He’s a convicted felon, multiple violent offenses & not allowed to posses a weapon yet had a firearm pointed at Kyle Rittenhouse when he was shot in the arm. SELF DEFENSE !

Let see, a 17 year old illegally goes to another state with an assault rifle and shots three people killing two. Yet, you want to point at the arrest record one of the victims. That so sad.


The third who was shot & survived is Gaige Grosskreutz 26. Hes a member of the People’s Revolution Movement. He was filmed chasing after the teen w/a pistol He was shot at close-range in the upper arm. He has a criminal record his mask had a pentagram from the church of Satan

Gaige Grosskreutz Criminal Record

We saw the frigen video. MSM LIES The two men, Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, were killed Tuesday when they tried to intervene during the alleged shooting rampage by the teenager. A third man, Gaige P. Grosskreutz, was also wounded in the attack. Tim Stelloh NBC


Anthony Huber, 26, a stepfather Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, father to a 2-yo Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, who attended the protest as a volunteer medic & is expected to recover Cant stop thinking about them. I hope we eventually say their names as much as we say his.

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How about some sources?


How about a read?

Kira K

The link that supposedly goes to his criminal records is an Amazon link.


The defendant Gaige P Grosskreutz was found guilty of the following charge(s) in this case.

Go Armed with Firearm While Intoxicated, a class A misdemeanor, Wisconsin Statutes 941.20(1)(b).


I’m sorry but shooting a person and founding out he had some kind of criminal record doesn’t anything!


*doesn’t justify *

Lucy Smith

People are not trying to justify the actions of Kyle. THere is a fake narrative that Kyle was a crazed shooter and these 3 saints of men were there to stop any more killing and got in the way. The only 3 shot were the 3 that were attacking a minor with a gun. Is it justified? I dont know, but from what videos are coming out now, and ignoring the fake media reports, I dont think anyone will convict Kyle of anything more than manslaughter.


If Kyle was on a “shooting Rampage as you say. Wouldn’t there be a lot more people Injured or dead? Why are the only ones shot and killed people who where openly video tapped attacking him while he tried to FLEE, even from the first attacker before he ever shot. How can you call yourself a journalist, the lies have to stop 🛑!!!


Kyle Rittenderp is a murderer who gunned down an unarmed man in cold blood. By all video and audio evidence, he was clearly fleeing the scene while on the phone with another irresponsible gun-toting LARPer. The following two shootings, were of people attempting to disarm and apprehend KR. Any inference or implication that that is not what happened is completely dishonest. It’s all on video. The only lie is the one you’re telling yourself and ignorantly posting here.

Lucy Smith

The video shows the men who perished were armed and attacking a minor. The pedophile had bag with a brick, which is lethal. Video shows him trying to hit Kyle with it. And the domestic abuser aimed his weapon, a skateboard, at Kyle’s head. That would also be lethal. I do not support anyone bringing a weapon to a riot, but Kyle was not the only idiot in this story. Those victims didnt have to die, their actions caused their deaths.

Lucy Smith

Kyle  is a child, made a bad decision to go where lots of dangerous people were hanging out. Kyle’s actions did not cause their deaths. Their actions caused their own deaths. They also made bad decisions to go after someone that was better armed than they were. They were not the police. No one was being shot except for the people trying to harm a child. The child was running away from people shooting guns at him, and throwing bricks at him, kicking him in the head, and swinging a skateboard at his head. Yes, you can see and hear… Read more »


Anyone with a desire for truth, rate this highly! We can’t allow SEO to bury this, because of toxic people rating it 1 star!


Just because you shot someone that has criminal record doesn’t justify shooting that person. That’s like saying you can legally kill a person just because he or she has a criminal record! And all this information is after the fact. Rittenhouse’s actions can’t be easily by brushed off just because the victims had some kind of criminal or arrest records that Rittenhouse didn’t know in the first! And if he did, still doesn’t justify it!


Your ignorance is astounding try telling that to people who lost everything or beatened! Kyle was violently attacked and the violent rioters deserve to be shot in self defence!


Sorry, but previous crime seems to be the argument against Rittenhouse! People say he MIGHT have been violating a minor gun law (misdemeanor) and therefore has no right to self defense. Wrong. In any case, there is a big question Rittenhouse did anything at all wrong! The gun never left Wisconsin. It’s legal for 17-year-olds to carry rifles and hunt in Wisconsin. It’s not clear that they can’t do shoot targets or anything else. The law is badly written. In most states there are no restrictions on long guns and 17 year-olds. If you can shoot deer it is assumed… Read more »


Sir, you’re statement here is full of sh*% Rittenderp carried that weapon over state lines and if you believe that attorney saying otherwise I’d have some magic beans to trade you. KR should never have had that firearm there in the first place, and by doing so he created a dangerous condition whereby he made the situation worse when he gunned down the first unarmed victim. It makes no difference what the deceased was guilty of before that night, ZERO. By playing cop and actively in the commission of a crime (illegal possession of a dangerous weapon by a minor… Read more »

Lucy Smith

Sir, youre terrible at this. First off, you dont know the facts yet. Your basing your opinions on BS media reports. One report says he crossed stateline with gun, another says the gun belonged to resident. Those facts will come out. Second, the dangerous condition existed with or without KR bringing a gun. The “victims” have no right to confront Kyle or go for his weapon. They also are not officers of the law. As mentioned in another comment, all 4 were armed. 2 better armed with guns. But a skateboard hit to the head, or brick to the head… Read more »


Grosskreutz has one criminal conviction for misdemeanor carrying a firearm while intoxicated.

His other court cases were non-criminal convictions and an eviction.


Exactly and none of that matters after the fact. It’s a shame he didn’t put boogaloo murder kid down.




To bad Kyle didn’t get him in the head.

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