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Spain vs Italy: Spain takes the top spot from Italy

Spain now has more deaths than Italy and Madrid’s crisis management is chaotic and irresponsible

The coronavirus crisis in Europe is developing as expected at this point. Spain is taking Italy away from the number of deaths. This became very clear on Wednesday when a new record with 738 deaths was set in Spain.

Spain vs Italy

The number skyrocketed because of the catch-up effect, because a number of people, some of whom were already dead, had previously been left behind in old people’s homes in Dantesque scenes . Therefore, the lead over Italy was clear on Wednesday. In Italy the death toll dropped again and 683 deaths were finally registered. On Thursday, both countries were practically on par. In Spain the number dropped again slightly to 655 , in Italy it was slightly higher at 662.

It remains to be seen whether there will actually be a downward trend in Spain, as has been seen in Italy since Sunday. It could be that Spain had only one outlier due to the scenes mentioned on Wednesday, so the number fell slightly on Thursday to continue rising on Friday. This is to be feared. It is hoped, however, that the measures will start to work in both countries.

But that’s more likely to be expected from Italy. There, the hotspot in northern Italy was sealed off, where the majority of the dead are concentrated. In Spain the Madrid focal point was not closed off. The proportion of deaths in the total in Spain has been falling for days because the virus spread throughout the country. Last week it was almost 70%, Madrid now only has a good 50% of all deaths.

It should also slowly become effective in Italy that in Rome last weekend, after long hesitation, the decision was made to decide to reduce activities in the country to basic services. This still does not happen in Spain. The criticism of it is getting more violent.

In the Basque Country, staff like Aernnova are therefore on an indefinite strike . In many companies there are strikes and protests. Hardly anyone can see why production should go beyond basic care, with the corresponding risk of infection.

International criticism of the response to the corona virus

The fact that an alarm condition was announced in Madrid almost two weeks ago, but afterwards it took more than 24 hours to take real measures and in the meantime the large exit to many capitals to the Mediterranean coast is now not only severely criticized by Telepolis .

The British Telegraph and especially The Guardian are also tough on the Social Democrats in Madrid. “Why did Spain react so wrong to the corona virus” is the question in the title.

The newspaper recalls that Fernando Simón, the figurehead of the Madrid crisis fighters, said on February 9 that “Spain would only get a handful of cases”. On the basis of this complete misjudgment, fatal wrong decisions have since been made, which, by Thursday, have cost almost 4,100 people their lives and caused the healthcare system in the capital region to collapse.

Designated experts who have been quoted here are ignored. For two weeks now, they have been calling for the isolation of hot spots such as Madrid and the reduction of all activities to basic care. That is why Oriol Mitjà’s demand that the entire crisis team should cede is becoming more and more correct . Since the country is in the “intensive care unit”, it is “better to change the doctor before it is too late”.

It didn’t happen. The trivialized, in the newly founded team of experts there are three of six members, continue to set the tone. The crisis team is constantly making new wrong decisions. Mitjà had long criticized a lack of prevention, and the Guardian also found that now that Spain is heading for the climax, everything is missing: the urgently needed ventilators as well as simple protective clothing or tests.

“Completely overwhelmed”

The general public has also criticized the fact that a central government that has been submerged for weeks suddenly pulled all the reins and centralized the crisis response in Madrid . And that is why Health Minister Salvador Illa should resign quickly, since he is obviously completely overwhelmed. On Thursday, it was announced that the rapid tests that his house had bought in a hurry were of no use . Instead of 80%, they had only 30% sensitivity, so they usually do not detect the infection at all.

Even more blatant for the minister, communications from the Chinese embassy regarding the purchase of material in the amount of 432 million euros , which was announced on Wednesday , including 5.5 million tests and 550 million protective masks (!). They were ordered from Bioeasy Biotechnology, which does not have the necessary license and is therefore not included in the embassy’s supplier list, as the latter tweeted .

It is noted that the material has not yet left China. In any case, the overwhelmed Minister of Health had announced that it would be delivered in stages between April and June (!). It is strange that the interior minister of the same government thinks that the climax will soon be passed. Fernando Grande-Marlaska is already talking in Trump style that the measures can be relaxed on Easter ( April 11th ) .

It is obvious that a government is juggling hands-free. It is fatal that she now even wants to prevent the source of the infection in the vicinity of the Catalan city of Igualada from continuing to be sealed off.

The centralists in Madrid do not want to know anything about the isolation of the whole of Catalonia, as the Catalan Prime Minister Quim Torra has been demanding for two weeks. Do you want another massive spread of the virus in Catalonia?

The large exit from Madrid ensured massive exports to the rebellious region. The Financial Times (FT) shows in a graph that the curve for people who die from covid-19 is already steeper in Catalonia and New York than in Madrid or Lombardy.

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