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Christy Lynn Floyd Found

Christy Lynn Floyd | Chesterfield Police Identified a woman

Chesterfield Police Identified a woman name “Christy Lynn Floyd” whose remains were recovered at a landfill in Chesterfield County in 1986.

Remains recovered from a Chesterfield landfill in 1986 have been identified as those of Christy Lynn Floyd, who was 16 years old at the time of her disappearance. Anyone with information is urged to call @CCPDVa detectives at 804-717-6024

Chesterfield Police
Thank you CCPD for not giving up on identifying this young woman. Outstanding work.
Check the school annual photo books during years she would have been there & after in the area during her time she was in school to see if any males look similar.

Lori Donaldson Great work! Everyone who’s ever had their DNA done through ancestry or 23 and me should upload their results to GEDmatch. Hundreds of cold cases across the country have been solved.

Jennifer Clyde Yerly What high school did she attend as maybe someone has a yearbook? Maybe this unknown male went to her school?

Cheryl Ann
 Pull up that work tag and see if anyone is still there from back then a worker may know this guy.
Can see she worked at Hardee’s and corporate will know which one

Chesterfield Police have identified a woman whose remains were recovered at a landfill in Chesterfield County in…

Posted by Chesterfield County Police on Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Pics: Christy Lynn Floyd
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