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Christmas Banana

Christmas Banana

Do you eat bananas only when you are hungry and need new energy quickly? After this post you see the yellow fruit with different eyes.

Bananas are real little all-rounders that provide us with many necessary vitamins and minerals. In the race for the most popular fruit, the banana runs head to head with the apple.

Of course, if you pay attention to buy local food, the apple will win. But eating bananas is much healthier because they contain three times more phosphorus, four times more proteins and five times more vitamin A than apples.

6 reasons why you should eat more bananas:

Bananas are delicious and really good for you. What exactly do bananas do for your body?

Bananas give you energy

The popular fruit is quite good when it comes to calories. You have to be aware of that. But that does not have to be negative. Bananas provide us with important carbohydrates quickly. This makes conventional energy bars superfluous. If you just need energy, or just exercised, the banana is ideal for you.

Even if you have a fever or other illness, a banana is a good idea. Because the fruit is not particularly large, but full of nutrients . This can be very helpful if you have no appetite or are still quite weak.

Bananas are good for your heart

Potassium-rich fruits like bananas can help prevent heart disease. Because foods high in potassium can reduce vascular calcifications. This reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Bananas help with stress

The many vitamins in the banana make it easier for us to stay relaxed. The magnesium in the fruit helps our nervous system to function. So the next time you stress your work – you know what you have to eat: D

Bananas reduce muscle soreness

The potassium in the banana keeps your muscles supple, while the magnesium helps against muscle soreness and uncomfortable leg cramps . So if you overdo it in sports, just eat one, two ripe bananas. This helps.

Bananas are easy to eat

There are some superfoods that are great and super healthy, but … You will not find them anywhere, they can be really expensive and are difficult to integrate into your daily meals.

Very different are bananas. It can be wonderfully integrated into any cereal, yogurt and smoothie. Or you can eat the banana as a snack on the go. There are many ways to integrate bananas into a diet, and it’s very straightforward.

Eating bananas helps to fall asleep

Since bananas contain the amino acid tryptophan, they can help us with sleep problems. Because the acid ensures the formation of the sleep hormones melatonin and serotonin. This will make it easier for us to relax and hopefully fall asleep faster.

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