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Friends reported German paedophile called ‘Christian B’ to police after finding clips of attacks on two women on his phone Braunschweiger convicted of murder several times

The London Metropolitan Police identified a new suspect on Wednesday: this is a 43-year-old German who traveled through Portugal in a motorhome on the same dates that the girl, who was then three years old, was vacationing with her parents.

Christian Brueckner Home

On the evening that Maddie disappeared, the suspect was also said to have received a call on +351 912 730 680 with a Portuguese country code.

The call was answered in the Praia de Luz region. “Investigators believe the person who made the call is a key witness and urge them to contact them,” the Scotland Yard statement said. The caller’s number was +351 916 510 683.

The findings are the result of years of cooperation, the British, German and Portuguese police, it said. “After the 10th anniversary, the Metropolitan Police received information about a German man who is known to be in and around Praia de Luz.

We have worked with colleagues in Germany and Portugal and this man is a suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine, “said Detective Chief Inspector Mark Cranwell, according to the message. However, Scotland Yard emphasized that the case was still missing.

Madeleine Mccann German Suspect
Madeleine Mccann German Suspect

Madeleine’s parents: “We will never give up hope”

Madeleine’s parents had repeatedly made public calls, sometimes emotional, to get information about her daughter’s whereabouts. “All we ever wanted to do was find them, uncover the truth, and hold those responsible to account,” a parent statement said in the Scotland Yard statement. “We will never give up hope of finding Madeleine alive, but whatever comes out we need to know because we have to find peace.”

She is still buying gifts for her daughter for Christmas and her birthday, mother Kate McCann said in a BBC interview on the 10th anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance in 2017.

The Portuguese police have denied reports that German Martin Ney. is suspected of being involved in the case of Maddie McCann, who has disappeared twelve years ago. N. was not the new suspect against whom the Policia Judiciaria in Porto is investigating, the authorities said. The British “Sun” had previously reported that the 48-year-old was suspected. N. was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2012 for kidnapping and murdering three children. He has also been charged with numerous cases of child sexual abuse.

New suspect in Madeleine Mccann case

Madeleine Mccann New suspect

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