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Christian Brueckner Madeleine McCann | Info

Mysterious phone call Christian Brueckner an hour before Maddie’s disappearance

The BKA sees a telephone call made as an important indication of the perpetrator, which was made on Christians cell phone one hour before Maddie’s disappearance. “We have found that the suspect made a mobile phone call at the time relevant to the crime on the day of the disappearance in Praia da Luz,” said Hoppe. The British “Sun” , citing the Metropolitan Police London, reports that the call was made an hour before Maddie’s disappearance and lasted half an hour – from 7:32 pm to 8:20 pm. It is the Portuguese number 00351-912730680. The suspect is said to have “used this number at least in April and May 2007”, said the BKA crime director.

Christian Brueckner

43-year-old Christian Brueckner. is currently in prison for a drug crime in Kiel (Germany). He is said to have served a prison term for child abuse in Würzburg since the 1990s and was convicted of rape in Braunschweig in December.

On the evening that Maddie disappeared, the suspect was also said to have received a call on +351 912 730 680 with a Portuguese country code.

The call was answered in the Praia de Luz region. “Investigators believe the person who made the call is a key witness and urge them to contact them,” the Scotland Yard statement said. The caller’s number was +351 916 510 683.

Suspect Christian Brueckner is in prison in GERMANY Kiel

The suspect is currently serving a prison sentence in Kiel . The reason for this is that the 43-year-old had been convicted of another matter in Schleswig-Holstein before the judgment at the Braunschweig Regional Court , as the German Press Agency learned on Thursday.

Christian B. is described as aggressive

German witnesses from Portuguese times would have described him as a knight of luck, “who tried to broadcast what, but also did not do big Zampano”.

A former neighbor from Portugal described the suspect as aggressive . “He was always a little angry, went up and down the street quickly and one day, around 2006, he disappeared without a word,” the woman told Sky News . About half a year after the man’s disappearance, she was asked to help clean up the property, the woman said. “It was gross.” There would have been damaged things like computers everywhere . In a garbage bag were wigs and strange clothes – possibly for costumes.

New suspect in Madeleine Mccann case

Madeleine Mccann New suspect
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