Charles Hewitt Illegal search & Assault Derrick Thompson

Police “Charles Hewitt” Illegal search & Assault “Derrick Thompson” On Camera

The cops name is Charles Hewitt and the man being harassed is named Derrick Thompson. I can not find one single article on this incident. Maybe twitter can help. This is happening in Virginia Source: @acidic_dreams_

Derrick Thompson was pulled over on his way to work for a minor violation that should have ended with ticket at best. The cop says she believes that Thompson has drugs in the car and tries to do an illegal search.

i will forever keep this video in my camera roll to remind me that, say it with me, ACAB!! the officer’s name is Charles Hewitt, attacking Derrick Thompson, both from VA. not only that, but FAIRFAX COUNTY. absolutely disgusting, and his actions need repercussions. f**k this guy


Thompson knows his rights so when the other cops showed up he starts recording and lets them know what they are doing is illegal. Mark Herring

The incident came to light when Derek Thompson’s, the driver, attorney sent a letter to Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring on Monday claiming that Trooper Charles Hewitt unconstitutionally assaulted his client during the stop on I-495 in Fairfax County on Apr 20, 2019.

Alanna Jaella Lawson

Thank you to the @washingtonpost for taking the time to interview Derrick Thompson.

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This is Charles E. Hewitt, a 38 year old state trooper who recently was shown on camera dragging Derrick Thompson out of his car, but not before saying “watch the show, folks” to the camera. Charles’ address: 9204 Cork Place, Burke VA Phone: 240-630-1401

For the sake of all my fellow black folks in this thread, if you get pulled over and the police say they have probable cause to search you and ask you to step out, they are allowed to. You can ask if they have a warrant or if you are being detained but if they persist..

Was their delivery in the way they ask him to step out wrong….. yeah, probably! But then again, we don’t see the whole stop and what lead up to the point and time he decided to start recording. There’s ALWAYS more to the story than what’s posted
Virginia state Police Charles Hewitt Terrorize, Threaten And Assault Derrick Thompson While On Camera