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Cause of Death Eric Lurry

Cause of Death Eric Lurry

Eric Lurry Cause of Death Jim Glasgow one-page letter indicates Lurry, 37, died Jan. 29 of an accidental drug overdose caused by Fentanyl, heroin and cocaine. True??

Eric Lurry was murdered in cold blood. Every single individual involved in this evil & loathsome act should be immediately arrested & held w/ out bail. These officers are murderers & need to be fired w/ out pension or severance. They should never know a day of peace.

Full-time Sea Recluse

I’m not going to share the video but a video has surfaced of the police in Joliet, (my hometown) murdering a Black man named Eric Lurry. It was his for 5 months!! Idc if I have to protest til my feet bleed. I have no doubt it was some White Supremacist shit. #JusticeforEricLurry

Pro Black AF

Felony Arrest 1/28/2020 Maccue Andrew

Justice for Eric D Lurry. We played the @JolietPolice Xmas party many years ago. This is unacceptable. This is a crime. You are responsible. Do what is right. Investigate now. Arrest the cops who killed him. #DefundPolice