Maurice.P That is the suspect of Volkmarsen HESSEN Germany

Maurice.P That is the suspect of Volkmarsen | HESSEN Germany

Volkmarsen: Several children among the injured
Maurice P. is said to have deliberately driven on the Monday Monday train in Volkmarsen near Kassel on Monday afternoon. According to the Frankfurt police chief, 30 people were injured, including many children. The 29-year-old driver was arrested. According to RTL information, he was taken to a psychiatric clinic. A neighbor to RTL: “I saw him drive away today, he looked like he was on drugs and said, ‘I’ll be in the newspaper soon.'”

Police refuse to rule out deliberate attack on parade in town of Volkmarsen

Name Maurice Petersen

Dozens of people have been injured, some of them children, after a local man appeared to deliberately drive a car into a carnival parade procession in the central German town of Volkmarsen, police have said.

The police assume that P. intentionally drove his car into the crowd. There were initially no indications of a politically motivated crime. According to the Hessian Ministry of the Interior, an attack cannot be ruled out. According to “Spiegel Online” he is said to have been heavily drunk. The driver was arrested after the incident. As the police confirmed, he is a German citizen, 29 years old and comes from Volkmarsen himself.

The General Prosecutor General’s Office in Frankfurt opened an investigation into an attempted homicide on Monday. The spokesman for the authority, Alexander Badle, announced on Monday. Nothing could be said about the subject: “We are investigating in all directions.” He is currently not interrogated.

30 people injured in Volkmarsen, including many children

30 people were injured after the incident, seven of them seriously, said a police spokesman. Among them are children. The injured are currently being cared for in the surrounding hospitals, it is said. The suspect also sustained injuries when he crashed into the crowd with his car. He is currently under medical treatment. He is to be brought before the investigating judge as soon as his state of health permits, according to a press release by the Attorney General.