Buffalo Police A. Torgalski Pushed old Man DEATH Info

Buffalo Police A. Torgalski Pushed old Man | DEATH? Info |

75 year old man Pushed: A Buffalo police officer A. Torgalski was caught on video shoving a 75-year-old man to the ground, causing him to bang his head on the sidewalk and start bleeding from the back of skull.

as protests over the police killing of George Floyd continued into their tenth night.

Footage taken by a reporter from a local public radio station and posted online showed the unidentified man approaching a line of officers in riot gear. One officer pushes him with a baton and a second one with his hand. The advancing police line halts when a loud crack is heard as his head hits the pavement and blood could be seen trickling from the man’s head.

Martin Gugino
Aaron Torgalski
Aaron Torgalski
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