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Brady Robinson Info | Karolina Ciasullo & her three daughters died in a tragic multiple Vehicle crash

Brady Robinson: A 37 year old mother identified as Karolina Ciasullo died in a tragic multiple Vehicle crash on Thursday, June 19, 2020. Karolina Ciasullo was pronounced dead following a crash alongside her three daughters identified as Klara, 6, Lilianna, 4, and Mila.

Update: Sources tell me Brady Robertson remains in hospital under guard with 2 broken legs. He will remain in custody at lesser until he’s back in court July 23rd. Court records we obtained show he has prior convictions for driving while suspended, careless driving, driving w/o a license

Catherine McDonald

On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, Brady Robertson was arrested and charged with four counts of Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle Causing Death. He has also been charged with one additional count of Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle in relation to the Caledon incident.  He was remanded to July 23, 2020 for a bail hearing.

It’s painful to watch funeral of Karolina Ciasullo & her 3 kids: Klara, Lilianna, Mila. May they rest in peace. May Brady Robertson rot in prison. Untimely death of this family remind of inscription on tombstone of John Keats: “HERE LIES ONE WHOSE NAME WAS WRIT IN WATER”

Y. Mian

Brady Robinson was driving with a revoked drivers license! The car he was driving had stolen license plates! He did not own the vehicle he was driving! He had been stopped the day before, after he fell asleep behind the wheel drunk! This was NOT his 1st offence!

Joanne Mary Munding

The guy who killed them, BradyRobinson, is apparently a repeat offender for driving under the influence. There’s footage of him driving impaired earlier that day. @PeelPolice WHY did he still have a license? Why wasn’t he in JAIL? You could’ve prevented these tragic deaths.

Karolina Ciasullo daughters Klara Lilianna Mila
Karolina Ciasullo, 37, and her daughters – six-year-old Klara, four-year-old Lilianna and one-year-old Mila – died on June 18 after the Volkswagen “Brady Robertson” they were travelling in was struck by a Blue Infiniti G35

I hate Brampton drivers as much as everyone else… and I’m fully aware of the stereotypical Brampton driver that everyone crucifies. However, to be fair, it was a WHITE man named Brady Robinson who killed the woman and her three daughters yesterday.


According to this other article I found, his name is Brady Robinson from Caledon, Ont and goes by Brady Mongrain on Facebook

Matt @MattDelVideos
Facebook: Brady Mongrain?

Everyone please know that individual emails and letters to government NOT petitions and group or forwarded messages are the most effective way to ask for changes the laws that protect impaired drivers like Brady Robertson and Darya Selinevich #Brampton

Rock Paper Beauty

Funeral to be held for mother, 3 daughters killed in Brampton crash… I hope police will offer to stay in front of the home so no one breaks in and robbs the house.

Heather Lambert
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another bad white driver giving Brampton (so called brown town) a bad name!

Abu bakar

You forgot to mention he is not from brampton


That’s what you’re big concern here??? A white person giving Brampton a bad name bc of driving? Wow, whoever you are, you should be ashamed of yourself. How disgusting.


Agreed. My friend and her kids are dead. I don’t give a $hit if the driver was purple. Where is your empathy people??? A beautiful girl and her babies DIED! This is not the platform to bring up skin colour.

Jim Spencer

How can you dare put that killer in the same photo of that beautiful family. Are you crazy.


You are as disgraceful as that scumbag bringing up racism when a family has just been destroyed. You are just as sick and stupid you imbacil.


So for bringing up that it was a White kid it’s same as driving drunk and killing 4 people…. Are you right in the head? People were already saying racist things about brown people because they assumed it was a brown person who did this. That’s why it’s important to point out his race.


Clearly you are an imbacil. Do you not see how you are using the wrong news story to bring up racism. You are trying to jump on the racist movement. I get it. But you yourself are a racist against white people. Trying to combat racism with racism will not work moron. Try keeping your mouth shut and stop talking like a regular fool. We have enough of those in our world.


What’s with the skin color profiling? You know that’s racist, right?


Oh shuttup, before people were blaming brown people in Brampton in comments everywhere on IG. They brought up race because of racism, its not profiling to say the driver was white you idiot

Air jordan

lmao stfu asshole


Gross reporting. This is an unimaginable tragedy. You use this to point out “to be fair it was a WHITE man…) What is it with this “to be fair”? What, young white guys don’t drive like morons? What, are the only bad drivers in brampton brown? And his license was suspended. Get your facts straight you useless excuse for a “journalist”. Can’t stand ignorant people, wish I didn’t stumble across your useless “news site”


Get facts straight, what? Was he not White? People were already thinking of the stereotype of Brampton drivers being brown people and they were suggesting it was a brown person who did this, that’s why it’s important to bring up that he was white because if he wasn’t, then all brown Brampton drivers would be painted with the same brush, if he’s white then he gets blamed as an individual. You’re a piece of work for getting offended over them saying his race.


What the hell does race have to do with any of this. A scumbag is a scumbag whatever the color of his skin is. This young buck thought he was invincible. He is just an ignorant little scubag that will rot in prison for years. I just can’t believe we paid for his medical care. Should have left him on the street to die like road kill. This scumbag will never realize what a shithead he really is. He is a spoiled little buck. White or black or brown or whatever has nothing to do with this and should never… Read more »

Dina Saleem

I don’t see where the problem is since the majority of residents in Brampton are brown! It’s a fact. Why are you bringing a side topic about race/stereotypes while everyone is mourning this tragedy!!
Who gives a fuck if the driver was white or brown or pink??! Brampton insurance rates are high for a reason!!!!! No one made that up!


This idiot should get a life sentence and be given dangerous offender status so his punk a— isn’t released.


That video was from 2 days prior, not “moments” before…..


Get your facts straight for fuck sakes.


If I was the bereaved husband, I’d be huntin’ that cuntface down in every hospital there is. With a portable electric drill.


This is just a horrific accident which led to 4 beautiful lives be taken away, and once again it could have been ‘PREVENTED’ by our “PEEL POLICE OFFICERS” and (or) “OPP” as they were made aware prior to this accident about Brady Robinson and his reckless driving his prior driving record yet was still in his car driving around. Please don’t get me wrong “Brady Robinson needs to be locked up forever and deserves everything that is coming his way and its not going to be pretty” but something also needs to be done for all of the officer(s) who… Read more »


of BR OUT OF THE PICTURE. Why the heck would you post an image like this😡

Tammy Stone

It’s just horrible, what happened to this beautiful Family!! RIP
The young man, should be punished, and NOT with just a slap on the hand, what he has done there is no forgiveness at all.


My dear and remember teacher. Mrs. Karol was my teacher in Brampton – Mississauga 2005, when I just came in to Canadá. She was 22 years ago. She was sweeter and friendly. she was my first English’s teacher. I always keep her in my heart forever.
💐My must sinceres condolences for her husband, and whole families in this painful moment. 🌹 ♥️♥️♥️


This should be death penalty imo

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