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Brady Robinson Info | Karolina Ciasullo & her three daughters died in a tragic multiple Vehicle crash

Brady Robinson: A 37 year old mother identified as Karolina Ciasullo died in a tragic multiple Vehicle crash on Thursday, June 19, 2020. Karolina Ciasullo was pronounced dead following a crash alongside her three daughters identified as Klara, 6, Lilianna, 4, and Mila.

The guy who killed them, BradyRobinson, is apparently a repeat offender for driving under the influence. There’s footage of him driving impaired earlier that day. @PeelPolice WHY did he still have a license? Why wasn’t he in JAIL? You could’ve prevented these tragic deaths.

I hate Brampton drivers as much as everyone else… and I’m fully aware of the stereotypical Brampton driver that everyone crucifies. However, to be fair, it was a WHITE man named Brady Robinson who killed the woman and her three daughters yesterday.


According to this other article I found, his name is Brady Robinson from Caledon, Ont and goes by Brady Mongrain on Facebook

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Facebook: Brady Mongrain?