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Brady Robertson who killed a mother and her 3 daughters

brady robinson aka brady robertson aka brady mongrain the scumbag 20 yr old who killed a mother and her 3 daughters in Brampton

Brady Robinson: A 37 year old mother identified as Karolina Ciasullo died in a tragic multiple Vehicle crash on Thursday, June 19, 2020. Karolina Ciasullo was pronounced dead following a crash alongside her three daughters identified as Klara, 6, Lilianna, 4, and Mila.

It’s painful to watch funeral of Karolina Ciasullo & her 3 kids: Klara, Lilianna, Mila. May they rest in peace. May Brady Robertson rot in prison. Untimely death of this family remind of inscription on tombstone of John Keats: “HERE LIES ONE WHOSE NAME WAS WRIT IN WATER”

Y. Mian

Brady Robinson was driving with a revoked drivers license! The car he was driving had stolen license plates! He did not own the vehicle he was driving! He had been stopped the day before, after he fell asleep behind the wheel drunk! This was NOT his 1st offence!

Joanne Mary Munding

The guy who killed them, BradyRobinson, is apparently a repeat offender for driving under the influence. There’s footage of him driving impaired earlier that day. @PeelPolice WHY did he still have a license? Why wasn’t he in JAIL? You could’ve prevented these tragic deaths.

I hate Brampton drivers as much as everyone else… and I’m fully aware of the stereotypical Brampton driver that everyone crucifies. However, to be fair, it was a WHITE man named Brady Robinson who killed the woman and her three daughters yesterday.


According to this other article I found, his name is Brady Robinson from Caledon, Ont and goes by Brady Mongrain on Facebook

Matt @MattDelVideos
Facebook: Brady Mongrain?

Everyone please know that individual emails and letters to government NOT petitions and group or forwarded messages are the most effective way to ask for changes the laws that protect impaired drivers like Brady Robertson and Darya Selinevich #Brampton

Rock Paper Beauty

Funeral to be held for mother, 3 daughters killed in Brampton crash… I hope police will offer to stay in front of the home so no one breaks in and robbs the house.

Heather Lambert
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Brady Robinson should rot in hell. Canadian laws are a joke when it comes to scumbags like Robinson so we will all be watching to see what his sentence will be. He wiped out an entire beautiful family! May he be tortured and beaten every day he spends in prison, hopefully for the rest of his pathetic life

michael paul

He will get some counselling and a stern lecture from a liberal appointed joke of a judge.


Shouldn’t he also be charged with driving while suspended, dui causing death and running a red light speeding


I’m pretty sure if there was evidence of being impaired that is what the charge would have been. So obviously he was not impaired. This is a human being and it could have happened to anyone. How about the police officer that turned off his lights and continued to chase?

Casey Carter

Oh my goodness – the only one to blame in the deaths/murder is BRADY ROBINSON!

michael paul

You are an idiot!

michael paul

This is Canada, turdeau will likely reward him for killing 4 white people.

Audrey Wallis

This is exactly how “White privileged works>”


You are an imbacil. Fighting racism with racism will never work donkey. What does white privilege have anything to do with what has been done. BTW This little punk was not privileged. He is just a little public nuisance kid. Like a snot nosed punk that had to learn the hard way. Unfortunately inosent beautiful people were killed because of his ignorance. If that was my kid I would have beat him years earlier. The little sjithead will have to rot in jail for years to come. And what is even more ignorant is I still see and hear other… Read more »

michael paul

Kill yourself you fool!