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PHOTO Body Found in Lake Piru

PHOTO LEAKED: Body Found in Lake Piru

Naya Rivera Body Found in Lake Piru: A body has been found at Lake Piru this morning. The recovery is in progress. There will be a news conference at 2 pm at the lake. Families have been informed Son Josey Hollis Dorsey, Sister Nickayla Rivera, Brother Mychal Rivera, Mother Yolanda Rivera, Father George Rivera / Ventura Co. Sheriff @VENTURASHERIFF

@jordantodd24 A body has been found at lake piru. my angel @NayaRivera may you rest in eternal grace, your light has shon & will shine forever! My prayers & my love is with your family & friends! darling may god rest your soul! You are an angel now lift those wings & fly #nayariviera

Warning, these photos are probably not real!!!! Has not been confirmed by the police

Naya Rivera Dead Body

shame on anyone of you who is praying that it’s not naya. i, too, am wishing for naya to be alive but to hope that it is anyone else is vile and cruel. while i am at it, don’t spread misinformation and don’t harass her co stars, who, without a doubt are struggling right now.

Missing Body Found in Lake Piru
If it’s her, if it’s not her, it’s still someone who was missed by their friends and family. Thank you for all your efforts. @wiggleboks
please don’t be her please don’t be her please don’t be her please don’t be her @jenniepoetist
Oh wow… even if it’s not Naya it does mean someone will get their son or daughter home.. @cbahonestlyy
guys – Be respectful. Even if it isn’t her, somebody has lost their life. @hesmolIy

Body Found in Lake Piru

Part of me hopes it isn’t her. The other part of me hopes that if she is gone, that it is her. Her family deserves peace. Everyone needs to remember if it isn’t Naya, that someones life was still lost and they & their family deserve respect too @writtenwhims
You just tweeted that … y’all really got me on edge when I seen that notification … I hope it’s not her , @idontneedaxnny
For the love of god, for all you people in the replies saying “I hope it’s not Naya”, whether it is or isn’t, they still recovered a body. There is a family out there who has lost someone. Have some goddamn humanity.@sharkfan619
There’s a reason not to @ people that didn’t believe the professionals… there’s no winner here. Someone’s loved one has been found and their lives will never be the same. Us here? Who cares. Maybe we skip all that and just pray for everyone involved.@munkeymunchkin

Photo sent just before Naya Rivera’s disappearance at Lake Piru may help find her, official says

Naya’s family

  1. Son: Josey Hollis Dorsey
  2. Sister: Nickayla Rivera
  3. Brother: Mychal Rivera
  4. Mother: Yolanda Rivera
  5. Father: George Rivera

So sad. As we reported … Naya and her 4-year-old son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, were swimming in Lake Piru when something terrible happened. Josey got back in the boat and when authorities arrived for a check, he told…


Ryan Dosey, Naya Rivera’s ex-husband and father of their son, held Josey in his arms while exiting Rivera’s sister Nickayla Rivera‘s home in Valencia, California.

Naya Rivera went to Valencia HS in the SCV. Her younger bro is Mychal Rivera, TE on great 2007 Birmingham team (NFL). Team also featured @CalHiSports Mr. Football Milton Knox, QB Exavier Johnson, WR De’von Flourney, the Jackson twins, LB Donovan Carter & DB Evan Jenkins


Sending heartfelt prayers to sweet Yolanda & George Rivera, Josey Dorsey & the family; and to friends, including Heather Morris. Naya will always be a Light for so many.

Jen Friesen 
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