Rusten Sheskey

Rusten Sheskey shoot Jacob Blake “Body Cam Video”

Actually Luke was just commenting on the shooting. Officer Rusten Sheskey is alleged to have shot Jacob Blake seven times in his back at Kenosha Wisconsin.


The name of the officer who shot wanted sex crime suspect Jacob Blake has been revealed. Additionally, authorities say Blake had a knife.

Memornndum To: Members of the Police and Fire Commission From: Police Chief Daniel Miskinis Date: March 11,2017 Re: Disciplinary Action DANIEL G. MISKINIS Chief of Police This letter is to inform you that I determined that on September 30, 2016 Officer Rusten Sheskey violated >>>


AG Josh Kaul and Kenosha Police Department, I demand justice for the attempted murder of Jacob Blake. I demand charges be filed against RustenSheskey for excessive use of force and attempted murder. @WisDOJ@kenoshapolice


Jacob Blake body cam footage

Bootlickers are now saying Jacob Blake had a knife and a gun & was going to his car to get a bazooka or whatever. Let’s see the body cam footage. Cops weren’t wearing any? Well golly gee shucks, isn’t that convenient for the cops who shot a man in the back and crippled him.

jacob blake pedophile?

What happened to JacobBlake was probably not handled right. But what the media isn’t wanting you to know is the guys a pedophile. So what happened to #SaveOurChildren huh. @KEEMSTAR let the people know the truth #WakeUp

Jacob blake. Floyd didn’t get shot and after the body cam footage was leaked the narrative shifted. Castile was shot and killed by a non white cop which is against the systemic racism claim. No disagree on the need to hold legislation accountable MN has been DFL run for to long

Black man shot in wisconsin video

To speculate that the cop(s) who shot Jacob Blake left the house that morning with motive to end the life of a black man solely based on the video without any other evidence only adds fuel to the fire. Wait for the facts before you jump to conclusions.


Jacob Blake gofundme page brings in over $1mill in donations!!! Keep it going people!!! This man is paralyzed for life now due to negligent acts from local law enforcement. (If you want to donate, only one official page that will look like this

i along with many other people on my tl didn’t get the notification for harry’s ig story and it’s actually annoying considering he posted about something very important in demanding justice for jacob blake so can ig fix this if it’s an error on their part

Jacob Warrants

News flash it legit doesn’t matter if Jacob Blake had warrants out for his arrest, or if he was a pedophile – bc cops aren’t supposed to kill people!!! LITERALLY EVER!!! And at that time, they had no idea who that man was. Meaning they had no Fucking reason other than that racism

What happened to Jacob Blake and Breona Taylor is inexcusable. We must end no-knock warrants and qualified immunity, and put in place swift, harsh repercussions for those who are responsible for a wrongful death such as theirs, especially when the video evidence is available.

So your telling us all the Jacob Blake, who has warrants for 3rd degree sexual assault, domestic violence – had a knife in his hand is the role model you want to fight for? You are the problem


This is just stupid. The man had a knife, he refused to stop moving, and said he was going to his car to get his gun.