Blake David Hampe in Portland Pedophile

Blake David Hampe in Portland / Pedophile

Pedophile Blake David Hampe, a 43-year-old w/a child porn conviction, was arrested at the #antifa riot overnight in Portland and charged with felony assault. He also stabbed Trump supporter with a knife. SOURCE: Vincent Victory @VinVictory777

The Trump supporter and conservative, who goes by the name Black Rebel on social media, posted several updates to his condition from the ambulance and hospital. In the Periscope livestream, he alleged that Hampe had stalked him and his group of friends for several blocks in Portland before stabbing him. source:

Blake David Hampe is another, if you don’t make a mental note of the names originally, they’re burying these stories pretty quick.

Blake David Hampe a convicted pedophile and member of #Antifa is arrested by police for stabbing @BlackRebel
, an outstanding conservative individual. That tells you the kind of losers that are part of #Antifa. #BasementDwellers

No reaching needed… it’s all right there. No one can deny that where there is violence and a lot of people and confusion going on, that’s the perfect place for deviates like Blake David Hampe. Twist it how you like, but it’s true.

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