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Billy Steele

Billy Steele Knockout | who is he | Info Leaked Facebook Insta

Anyone saying big Billy Steele deserved anything less than to be put to sleep needs a reality check. He just got the racism knocked clean out of him and this has won twitter for the month of August

The danger is the guy throwing the punch could end up with much worse if the drunk racist ends up in ICU, with brain damage or even worse still. The higher ground would have been better stance & let the police do their job with a clear video like this he would be easy to identify


If you’re racist when you’re drunk you’re racist when you’re sober. He just wouldn’t have the bollocks to say it to their faces if he was sober


Billy Steele KNOCKED OUT on London Underground VIDEO

who is billy.steel Info

I’m in England it’s the London Underground, we get plenty of dumb ass people shouting dumb stuff like that. He was either high or just a racist, but didn’t deserve that smack up

By not hitting him he would do it again and again and again and maybe end up being violent himself…this will make him think twice about ever opening his mouth again … if not he deserves the same until he shuts up

paulie m

Horrible start to finish. Disgusting behaviour from the guy on the train. However, although he did deserve a slap and a visit from the authorities, it was also horrible to see someone lying unconscious like that.

Billy Steele Facebook

Someone’s response on Facebook was to call the guy who punched out Billy Steele a drug dealer. I called him out on his racism since he had no reason to stereotype the guy that way and now I’m banned for 24 hours. Such is life I guess.

Idk. Billy Steel(e) sounds like a fake name an egotistical racist gives himself. Somehow the name he gave, while not his real name, was expected.

Ya see, on weird radical fringe idiots give themselves alter egos. If, some how, that’s his real name, I apologize.

Drew Walker

Billy´s >FACEBOOK<

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Walter Baker

The whole incident is horrible. The young man should not have responded with violence. By punching the idiot, he sacrifices his own freedom.

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