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BIO: Beth Taska “Park Ranger Karen Identified” | Topa Equities

Beth Taska in Topa Equities harrased a family and their dog on a woodland trail in NC. She told them they “can’t be in this country” and should “go back to where they came from.” They’re Americans. This is her book, Beth.Taska needs to start with racist herself. Source: Margot Potter @MargotPotter

Beth Taska VIDEO in Mill Valley California

Topa Equities Video / BIO

All it takes is a blurry video clip for their lives to be ruined. Amy Cooper, Lisa Alexander & now #BethTaska & #MichaelLofthouse, among too many to count… one would think they would somehow hold their tongue, immediately retreat as soon they see themselves being filmed.

When you’re walking around mill valley and a bunch of Karen’s get upset you are walking your dog on an on leash trail


@24hourfitness This racist works for you? Beth Taska??? Cancel my membership


And just like that, she has now resigned from Topa Equities. Just trying to understand how a “Chief People Officer” can be so non-people. Makes me think of the movie Office Space with “I’m a people person. What’s wrong with you people?” #ParkRangerKaren #ActionsHaveConsequences