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attempted rape NYC subway

Uncensored! Man ‘attempted to rape’ a woman, 25, on NYC subway platform

“NYC has been reeling from a crime wave this year due to the pandemic, rising unemployment” Really ⁦@DailyMail⁩ ? Attempted RAPE due to pandemic? How about due to-cancel police Democrats?


Identified: Wow…. Broad daylight in front of people, that poor woman. Hope he is found soon as his next victim may not be around others.

CNN headline & chyron “mostly peaceful attempted rape on NYC subway platform,” and opinion piece to follow “fascist, patriarchal America to blame for platform rape in Trump’s America.” Article from WaPo opinion section “subway platforms are racist: here’s why.”


Attempted rape NYC subway Uncensored VIDEO

This pissed me off on so many levels. The one recording should also kick his ass and save her. What is WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!

the man recording needs to be held accountable too. And the video needs to be REMOVED OFF HIS OWN PHONE!!!

When did people begin to think video taping something is an adequate form of assistance vs. actually taking the guy down?

Can someone please explain why people will pull out a cellphone and record but not walk 5 feet to beat the ever living daylights out of someone doing this shit? Anyone? We are not journalists, we are supposed to be decent human beings. Try it.


Some of it can be explained Re: bystander effect. Everyone expects someone else to act, and thus they don’t. This can be changed when anyone does act, then those just frozen usually intervene. Sad, but it’s the truth.


Unbelievable isn’t it?! I’m 5’4″ 50 yr old woman and the first thing I’d do would be a swift kick to the teeth, not whip out my camera phone

Presume that if the victim wishes to press charges he will be arrested soon, as this perp is very easily identifiable. Albeit that in NYC they let the criminal our with no bail for such type crime … if you voted Dem, congrats for this policy … you could be the next victim!

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This is NOT uncensored.


Get this guy off the streets NOW.

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