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Juice Wrld is Dead Why

Attack: Juice Wrld is Dead Why

Video of juice wrld in chicago airport

As the portal TMZ reports , US rapper Juice WRLD has died. The 21-year-old US star is said to have suffered a seizure at Chicago airport. After being admitted to a hospital, the musician was declared dead. Full Name : Jarad Higgins

Attack Juice Wrld is Dead Why

Juice WRLDs declared dead in the hospital

TMZ reports that Juice WRLD bled out of the mouth after landing in Chicago. He is said to have been conscious when he was taken to a hospital. A short time later, however, the doctors said after TMZ information his death. The exact cause is still unknown.

With Juice WRLD, the American rap scene loses a highly talented artist. Especially his freestyle skills set him apart from many of his generation colleagues.

The rapper’s career was in full swing. In 2019 he released his album ” Death Race For Love “. Yesterday also appeared a new song titled “Let Me Know” on Spotify . There were also rumors about a collabo project with Young Thug. Tracks like “Lucid Dreams”, “Robbery” or “All Girls Are The Same” are on YouTube at more than 100 million views.

Juice WRLD knew how to combine emo sound with melodic rap. First on the last Monday, the rapper celebrated his 21st birthday. Rest in peace.

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why ?? And these recents upcoming rappers death have being the most talented ones who got a big future ahead of them, juice wrld even sang a tribute song to XXXtentacion when he died and now he is gone just a year later

is juice wrld dead?


I don’t know if all seizures are the same but the places you go while unconscious was the closest thing to death for me and I was literally praying in my unconsciousness that God would give me another chance to see my mom, the world.. r.i.p. juice wrld… this shit got me thinkin

what’s even more crazy about Juice Wrld’s death is the fact that people on TikTok started a trend with Lucid Dreams where people would prentend to have seizures during a certain part… man RIP. this su*ks.

no wonder kpop stand have the worst reputation. those people who think it’s okay to go saying maybe if he stanned… are vile. not only that what about the people who genuinely upset and care about what happened to juice wrld, and everyone else who has unfortunately passed away+

I didn’t really listen to any of his music bcus I don’t really follow rap music as a whole but like.. jfc the death of Juice Wrld seems so damn sudden. I really only knew about him because he has the same bday as me (date AND year) but still

Juice Wrld passed. Ok? If you wonna drink Lean all day & do drugs daily then you made your bed. Inevitable that 85% of these shit abstract rapers will be lucky to be alive at 30. Death is not a nice thing by any means, but that lifestyle its certain.

i’m being completely honest, i didn’t like juice wrld at all his music was trash to me but like damn. Why mf gotta die so young??? we really boutta end the decade with another young one dead…Shit is SAD.

How did juice wrld just die like that he had so much plans for himself and a girlfriend that loved the bones off him and was acctualy making an impact on people with his music, so scary you never know when youll talk to or hold someone for the last time

juicewrld pics in hospital

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