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Antonio Clemente Rodriguez Miami Police punched a Black woman at the airport

Antonio Clemente Rodriguez “Miami Police” punched a Black woman at the airport

Antonio Clemente Rodriguez. Who is the woman? I want her name to see how I can help her. This is disgusting. I am only sharing because he has not been arrested.

Quelli Niecy Scott

officer in the video hitting a woman at the airport has been identified as AntonioClemente Rodriguez, “a Black officer of Puerto Rican heritage” nah he Puerto Rican through & through.

TL Coleman
Miami-Dade Police

DJ Collége @iamDjCollege: Damn son is wildin. If he has a wife or gf please check on her. I smell DV in this video. He has a bad temper

This the problem that I have. We need to show officers respect. They are after all only human. He went to far but she provoked it.

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She had that coming 100%. But in America the guilty are portrayed as victims.