Andres Guardado New Show Footage Security Camera

Andres Guardado New Show Footage “Security Camera”

A BLACK man just served 2 terms as president. BLACKS dominate 2 of the 4 major sports. BLACKS dominate music and entertainment. Tell me what opportunities are not afforded to blacks in this country and I’ll shut up. For the last time. ALL LIVES MATTER


Andres Guardado, 18, was fatally shot by a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy in Gardena, his family says.

Andres Guardado New Show Footage Security Camera
New Show Footage “Security Camera

UPDATE: came to speak with the manager. Andres ran down the driveway, got on his knees and put his hands behind his head. Then 1 Cop shot him in the back 7 times. They broke all the cameras and took the DVR, which they pulled a warrant for after the fact. Video of this coming

Memo Torres @el_tragon_de_LA

Starting at 2 p.m., protesters planned to march from Gardena to Compton demanding justice for Guardado, who was shot and killed while working at a Gardena auto body shop.

If you think the media is freaking out now–wait until AG Barr starts indicting Obama’s cabinet.

thebradfordfil @thebradfordfile

SCOOP: DOJ sources say recently fired U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York refused to resign to ensure his deputy took over for him as opposed to the man who was being considered to fill that role, who he felt was unqualified and has no prosecutorial experience.

Alex Plitsas  @alexplitsas

@LASDHQ so just like the fireworks disrupting my neighborhood every night scaring the shit out of everyone (illegal under SEC 57.55.01(A) FYI), y’all ain’t doing shit against the guy who killed Andres Guardado. If all we have is your word on what happened then that’s not enough

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