Anastasia Tropitsel

Leaked Pics: Russian blogger Anastasia Tropitsel dies in Bali

According to official information, the Russian Embassy in Indonesia is figuring out the circumstances of the incident. The consular department is in touch with the parents of the deceased and performs all necessary procedures.

According to local press, the accident occurred the day before (local time) in the most popular area of ​​the island of Kuta. Police suggest that an 18-year-old girl riding a sports bike lost control and crashed into a fence, and died on the spot.

On Instagram, Anastasia Tropitsel called herself: “Nastya, a self-made millionaire.” She just dreamed of freedom “- that’s how I became a millionaire at 15 years old.”

Footage shows her last moments just before she set off on the bike as she filmed herself in the vehicle’s mirror and the surrounding beach views. 

Anastasia had been a blogger since the age of 12 and said how she ‘became a millionaire at 15’ from her successful internet presence.

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I did know her even never heard about it, but just by looking her face I could tell that she will die at early age.

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