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Stolen painting by van Gogh - FROM MUSEUM NEAR AMSTERDAM

AMSTERDAM: Stolen painting by van Gogh

A painting by Vincent van Gogh was stolen from the Dutch museum Singer Laren near Amsterdam. This was announced by the museum and the police on Monday. According to the news agency AP, it is the “Spring Garden” work.

The museum is currently closed due to the Corona crisis. The burglary occurred on Monday night, the police said.

Museum director Evert van Os said that they were “angry, shocked and sad” about the theft of the picture that had been borrowed from the Groningen Museum. It was part of the exhibition “Mirror of the Soul”. The value of van Gogh cannot currently be quantified.

The Singer Laren Museum houses the art collection of the American couple William and Anna Singer. It focuses on modernity with works of art from Neo-Impressionism, Pointillism, Expressionism and Cubism.

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