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Alissa Turney Sign Language

Alissa Turney Sign Language / Missing

Alissa Turney: I’m an ASL interpreter. This is hard to figure out because of the video quality but I can definitely tell you she is using sign language. I’ll review it and see if I can come up with anything. Source: Colby Blue @BlueTheTerrible Replying to @SarahETurney

Hey Twitter, I need your help. I’ve been told Alissa is possibly using American Sign Language in this video? If she is and we can figure out what she’s saying it could be huge for her case. Please share with anyone who knows #asl #justiceforalissa

Sarah Turney

@Acheillies1: Hey Sarah do you think that you can send me the video privately im thinking i might able to enhance the quality if i put it through some of my editing software might make it more clear if this is something useful to the case?

Carmen Carter: I don’t know any American Sign Language, but her gesture at 0:13 is similar to the gesture for “go away”. Her hand is slightly higher but I suppose that may be due to the water level.

Try exporting this clip as a sequence of still images, then run the frames one by one thru an AI image enhancing software (google to find some options). It won’t add image data that isn’t already there, but it will make it possible to zoom in without losing as much detail.

Kaitlin Suggs

Alissa says “stop video camering me, go away” and our father says “you guys don’t want pictures?” I slowed it down so people could try to see what Alissa was doing with her hands.

Sarah Turney
Alissa Turney Sign Language VIDEO

So a lady is trying to get attention on social media towards getting her DAD arrested for her sisters disappearance because detectives have told her there is nothing they can do unless they get media exposure I found her Tik Tok and the story is sick. #AlissaTurney

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