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Alex Marshall Brown St. Paul's First Lutheran Church North Hollywood CA

Alex Marshall Brown! A group of Christian church Call Cops on Black Women For Sitting on Church Lawn

Alex Marshall Brown – Vi Moradi Star Wars: So, in my Christian upbringing all are welcome and church doors are metaphorically, if not literally, always open. What happened to Alex Marshall Brown indicates that your church does not follow those particular tenets of Christ. Your statement confirms that you and your church do not. Whereas Christ would and did welcome anyone, your church chooses to exclude, which would in fact mean that you cannot rightfully claim “Christianity” at all.Finally, this incident doesn’t indicate a “training” issue. Not only do you all apparently have “No Trespassing” signs at the ready – or at least know where to get them quickly (again counter-indicated in Christianity), but your Lay Members also feel free to proactively signal to Black people that they are not welcome in any form or format by stating “All Lives Matter.”Your Church is trash.Jesus wept.

Clarence Patton

St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church North Hollywood CA / Alex Marshall Brown

Good afternoon, We are currently reviewing the unfortunate actions that some of our members took part of while trying to remove a young woman from our front lawn. We at St. Paul’s First and as Christians at large strive to spread the love of God that has been shown to us through grace and are deeply saddened for the hurtful words that came out of our members mouths, and apologize to the young woman for the way that the situation was handled. We will be more mindful of how we are training our lay members. In ChristSantiago Botero Principal

Source: St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church

As a Jesus follower, the behavior of your parishioners was the antithesis of EVERY teaching in the Bible. What happened to “welcoming the stranger?!?” This is why people are being driven away from the Church in droves. “All lives matter?!?” REALLY?!? Clearly the church members didn’t think the life of this innocent woman minding her own business, enjoying the shade mattered. Absolutely shameful. This apology is weak. Amends need to be made. Remember, Jesus was a homeless man of color who was persecuted and murdered by a militarized state. Would your parishioners have welcomed Him? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

Lena RW Steiner

Please come up with something more than an ambiguous apology. It is terrifying to watch Alex threatened and harassed by your congregation’s laymembers. That the words “all lives matter” was invoked in these acts is extremely telling, unacceptable, and infuriating. What actions will you take that fully acknowledge the gravity of these acts of violence and racist aggression and to then examine any clearly unloving and racist policies and attitudes held within your organization.

Lillian Mae Ransijn

Vi Moradi Star Wars

Alex Marshall, the original actor and stunt performer for Vi Moradi at Galaxy’s Edge, was recently harassed by a group of racists on the public lawn of St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church in North Hollywood, CA. Sure would be a shame if we called (818) 763-2892 to get them banned. Shitty Star Wars Posts @SW_takes

Vi Moradi Star Wars / Alex Marshall-Brown

You best believe i made a yelp account to give a prejudice racist church a one star review and then sent them an email about why I thought their attitudes suck. Am I a gen z version of Karen?

3 old white racists representing St. Paul‘s Lutheran Church in North Hollywood, CA. harass a young black woman who was sitting on the grass. Here is the church website. Please share and retweet.

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