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Al-Baghdadi’s deputy has been arrested in Kirkuk

Al-Baghdadi’s deputy has been arrested in Kirkuk

Cousin of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, arrested in Hawija

Its full name is Arabic: حامد شاكر سبع البدري

Hamed Shaker Mahmoud Sabaa Al-Badri Al-Samarrai, A Cousin Of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Was Arrested In Hawija In Kirkuk,
Abu Khaldun, Abu Saif And Abu Hamza, Born 1971.
Abu Khaldoun, Leader In The Organization Since 2003 From the US

Armed Forces Arrested Until 2010 And Infamous For His Work As Attorney And Theorist Of The IS In Boca Prison. He is accused of having arranged suicide bombers and mortar shells against civilians and security forces after taking over the post of governor of Al-Alam after the events in June. Agile And Unfortunately Oil B Beside His Presence And Monitoring Of ISIS Forces In The Urban Area.

The arrest of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Cousin in Kirkuk
The arrest of “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Cousin” in Kirkuk

Abu Khaldoun Is One Of The Most Famous Participants In The Murder Of Military Air College Students At The So-Called Spyker Incident.

Hamed owns other relatives of the organization, notably his nephew Haitham Sabaa (or Sabah) Shaker.

Rashad Hamid is still an IS activist fighting in areas north of Salah Al-Din.

His brother, Diab Shaker Mohammed Saba Al-Badri, was arrested in 2014 and transferred to Baghdad. Anas Diab Shaker was sentenced to death. He was accused of bombarding the imams with his

Cousin Haitham participated and is still detained by the security forces

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