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Adam Haner Hospitalized "Marquise" kicked white man in Portland

Adam Haner Victim identified! “Marquise” in Jail

His name is Adam Haner. I don’t have any update about the victim of the BLM beating in Portland but I’ve been able to confirm his name is Adam Haner. He’s in a relationship with the blonde woman relationship  “Tammie Martin” near the car who was also beaten. A GoFundMe has been set up for Adam by his brother. Source: Andy Ngô @MrAndyNgo

When Reginald Denny was beaten almost to death during the LA riots, his identity was known nationwide and he is still remembered to this day. How many news outlets reported on that dude kicked in the head in Portland? Does anyone know his name? Does anyone know how he is?

Paul Joseph Watson

So the When I worked in health care they usually sent concussions home as long as there was someone else there w/ instructions to check on them for the first 24 hours. This happened last night, so I imagine the greatest risk should be past now. Hoping he has a speedy recovery.

Victim is home sleeping – good sign “Brian Haner, Organizer I’m not a pro GFM person, after I found out he was still alive, (took all day it seemed like) I set this up to help him out. …Everyone that can, please share or donate to help him. He is home sleeping. Thanks.”

Portland Man Kicked Adam Haner in face- Keese Love in Jail

Adam Haner: White Portland Driver Brutally Attacked by BLM Protesters for Helping Transwoman

Things are definitely reaching the boiling point. I can sense that normal people are becoming VERY frustrated at seeing nothing happening to these anarchists as they repeat the same behavior night after night. There’s more than enough able bodied people willing to confront them.

Hurricane Hunter

Finding the one who did it and all whom egged him on has its own interesting circumstances. They don’t want Marquise Kee Love found. So they are harboring him and demanding mercy. Maybe some can attend to that harder than I find it nauseating.


4Chan Identifies One of the Portland Rioters Who Attempted to Kill Driver as ‘Keese Love

Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, has given antifa virtually free reign since at least 2018 and has allowed subsequent, predictable behavior. Additionally, a wide swathe of Democrats allow, encourage, refuse to acknowledge or condemn such actions, and


I can find one article on Adam Haner, check out the video they posted at the top of the article.

Keese IG / FB account here:

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Dirty filthy scum, I would change the laws of the land to make it possible to execute him. I have never been so far on the right and I am not even white. There is no room for tolerance to those thugs and violent BLM racist scum…change the law to have them executed, eradicated…so that we can live in peace with all cultures and colors. The DMC, Pelosi, the filthy Schumer and CNN should all be tried for treason and for creating division in this beautiful nation. Those scum call Trump a dictator, yet he’s only been in politics 3… Read more »

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