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Oldest pearl displayed

Abu Dhabi: Oldest pearl displayed

The oldest known natural pearl has been found off the coast of the United Arab Emirates on the island of Marawah. The Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi announced the find via Twitter.

The approximately 8,000-year-old pearl was the “evidence that pearl trading existed at least since the Neolithic,” said the responsible archaeologist Abdulla Khalfan Al-Kaabi.

Perle is exhibited in the Louvre Abu Dhabi

The ” Abu Dhabi Pearl” baptized find will be on view in the “10,000 years of luxury” exhibition at the Louvre Abu Dhabi from October 30th. According to the researchers from the United Arab Emirates, the pearls could have been intended for trade in Mesopotamia and have served as a means of exchange among other things for ceramics.

The island of Marawah is located about 100 kilometers west of the city of Abu Dhabi and about 25 kilometers northwest of the port of Mirfa. In 1992, according to a report by the state-run Emirati news agency WAM, remains of a Neolithic settlement were discovered there.

Previous finds include an imported ceramic vase, flint arrowheads, mother-of-pearl buttons, shell and stone beads, and various animal bones. Researchers dated the various layers of the settlement in the period 8,000 to 6,500 BC.

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