A quarter of Russians watched the film “Palace for Putin”

77% of respondents who watched the Anti-Corruption Foundation’s film about the residence of Russian President Wladimir Putin, or heard something about him, have not changed their attitude towards the head of state, Levada Center reports.

17% of Russians who have watched the movie opposition leader Alexei Navalny, “Putin’s Palace”, or heard about it, said that their attitude to Russian President Wladimir Putin has worsened, suggests a poll, “Levada-Center”.

According to the poll, 26% of Russians watched the film “Palace for Putin”. Another 10% are familiar with its content and 32% have heard something about it, but do not know the details. Almost a third of the respondents (31%) said that they had not heard anything about the film.

At the same time, the film practically did not affect the attitude of Russians towards Putin, sociologists note. 77% of respondents who saw the film or heard something about it did not change their attitude towards the Russian leader, another 3% improved it. Only 17% of those surveyed who were familiar with the content of the film had a worsening attitude towards the President of the Russian Federation.

Among respondents aged 18-24, more than half (59%) of those who believe that what is stated in the film is similar to the truth, 23% are sure of the truth. Among elderly respondents, 55 years and older,  49% of those surveyed who watched the film or heard about it, consider the facts stated in it to be untrue.

Among the elderly respondents, only 23% of respondents watched the film, among young people 18-24 years old – 37%. Of the respondents for whom the main source of news is television, only 19% of survey participants watched the film. Among those for whom the main source of information is social networks – 36%, online publications – 39%, Telegram channels – 61%.

In January, the Anti-Corruption Foundation of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny published an investigation entitled “A Palace for Putin. The Story of the Biggest Bribe. ” The material says that this is the most guarded and most secret facility in the Russian Federation. It has the dimensions of 39 principalities of Monaco and is built so that it cannot be approached either by land, sea, or air. The investigation alleged that the local Federal Security Service “urged” you to bypass Cape Idokopas, where the palace is located, a mile away.

Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov called the information about the secret palace of the president untrue. He named the owners of the estate in Gelendzhik entrepreneurs, but did not say their names.

On January 25, Putin himself commented on the video : he said that he had not watched the entire film, but had seen separate video selections. Putin denies that the palace belongs to him, and calls the investigation “compilation, editing and brainwashing of Russians.”

On January 29, the Mash Telegram channel published an exclusive video from the palace in Gelendzhik. Inside, the building turned out to be almost empty and unfinished. The FBK investigation also reported that work there is still ongoing. According to FBK, a major overhaul has begun in the building, which is already ready for use, due to design flaws that have led to high humidity and mold.

The next day, Russian billionaire Arkady Rotenberg called the estate his own and announced that he was building a hotel there.

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