2016cm000410 Kyle Rittenhouse

4Chan Case Number 2016cm000410 Kyle Rittenhouse

Case Number: 2016CM000410 Case 4Chan Leak Type: MISDEMEANOR Classification: MISDEMEANOR Counts: 1 Crime Type: MISDEMEANOR Crime County: ROCK Offense Code: 961.573(1) Offense Date: 01/29/2016 Offense Description: POSSESS DRUG PARAPHERNALIA FAILURE TO OBEY TRAFFIC OFFICE…


17 year old Kyle RittenhouseLewis’ mom Wendy drove him and his AR-15 rifle from Antioch, IL to Kenosha WI to “defend” businesses that he does not own from riots. He ended up shooting 3 people, 2 died and 1 lost his arm. He has a long criminal history too…

What about his five criminal charges since 2016? Start with Case Number: 2016CM000410 out of Rock County, Offense Description: OPERATE FIREARM WHILE INTOXICATED Charges Filed Date: 03/01/2016- and move on to his THC convictions, and his other firearm convictions. Where they at?


@depthhidden Hang on, where is proof that is his records? 2016, when he would have been 13, the charge is smoking pot. Minors records are not released, which he still is. That case number leads to a “Mark Anthony Nolan”. Where is her proof this is Kyle Rittenhouse? Did she proof check?

Kyle RittenhouseLewis has an extensive criminal record. By the very least agenda you and your colleagues push. That would certainly qualify Him as a THUG.
Ask the victims of the sexual assault and domestic abuse charges how dangerous Jacob Blake was. Ask how many people Kyle Rittenhouse initiated aggression with. Preparedness to defend yourself is not the same thing as threat to attack. Blake had already fought off police.
What’s the point of this comparison? Kyle Rittenhouse murdered two people. Jacob Blake tried to get in his car.
If we start arresting good Americans for trying to stand up to these angry mobs tearing our cities WE are going to have a much bigger problem. This is a trend that the people will not stand for! @willis2505

Kyle Rittenhouse is 17. Trayvon Martin was 17. Whiteness is a passport that can grant you access to a completely different country.


Dylan roof and kyle rittenhouse were both armed with AR-15s, cops didn’t shoot them, why? Because they’re white. Your reasoning as to why Jacob was shot 7 times in the back lacks credibility when it doesn’t span all races

Ann Coulter wanting Kyle Rittenhouse (who I consider innocent of murder) for POTUS is some twisted shit. There’s something wrong with that woman’s head.

In the wake of the police pumping 7 bullets into the back of Jake Blake at close range in front of his children – Kyle Rittenhouse-Lewis & his Mommy Dearest were very concerned about PROPERTY that they did not personally own & how people’s grief & rage might impact…

Like I said don’t matter. The rules apply to everybody. If his white credit card will save him. Fine. He killed Anthony Huber. He leaves behind his daughter and his girlfriend. His initial reaction was to try to protect others and he lost his life for that. So, it’s like that.

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Dan Roberts

#FakeNews – the “long criminal history” is from someone with the same name that happens to be 31 years old. If anyone even bothered to look at the cases, it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t the same person. I know math is hard, but seriously?

Kevin Alfred Strom

Kyle ShIttenbag will be sucking d*ck in prison for the rest of his life. I hope he chokes on it.